A Proven Track Record

Below you'll find dozens of reviews e-mailed to us from past customers. "There is just one reason Nipout is Award Winning... IT WORKS!" If you would like to share feedback about your experiences, please e-mail our customer care team. We also honor your wishes if you prefer to remain anonymous.

  • Just put Nipout on about 10 minutes ago and it is fantastic! I've had inverted nipples ever since I was a young, and this product has pulled them out in 10 minutes!! I can't say enough good things about it. It is priced very well, and the packaging is very discreet, which was a definite plus. Anyone who has inverted nipples and is even THINKING about buying this product should do it. Kind Regards.- Kay
  • Felt self conscious after breast feeding three kids in four years, and the gel literally works a little too well at times. Its my little secret and has had a big effect on my sex life and relationship.
  • Love It! I've had two breast augmentations and I am not as perky as I used to be. I purchased this on a whim and I am so glad that I did. I used it for longer than 90 days but the results are so wonderful that I continue to use the gel to keep them perky! I will definitely be purchasing more. This is a must have if you are having inverted issues!- Lisa
  • I have been using the Nipout for about 90 days now. It is the smartest product on the market. I have to tell everyone out there about my experience, in case their are other woman like myself. I had 1 nipple go inverted about 2 years ago. The doctors could find nothing wrong, and said nothing could be done, and would not do an operation, because I smoke. Well, I am really happy to tell everyone that this amazing product really does work. My nipple is now staying out by itself, and I feel so much better about myself. I also have fantastic feeling in both nipples now. Thank You So Much!!!!!
  • The only item I have ever purchased on line, which works exactly as it advertised. To sum it up, this product is par excellent!!! The absolute best!!! I recommend it to anyone, anytime. I will be buying more!!- Yuko
  • Yeah. You gotta try this stuff. The husband 'bout fell out the bed with pleasure. He wouldn't stop!!! Kept coming back for more. Lol. It didn't cause any unpleasant effects. No complaints. Impressive.
  • I have never enjoyed something as simple and as easy to use as Nipout. I have never had much sensation in my nipples until I tried your wonderful product, and the best word to describe it is FANTASTIC. I now have a new erogenous zone, and I would highly recommend Nipout to anyone. This product really does work.
  • Now I understand why Nipout is award winning, it does work! I was contemplating getting my nipples done for few years now, but when I found out the cost I couldn't afford it. Thanks for a great product. My husband is very happy!- Ella
  • I received the Nipout only 2 business days after I placed my order! It is definitely the best nipple fun I've ever experienced before! I like to put it on right before I have sex, which makes my nipples large, stiff and super sensitive and ready for action!- Ross
  • I have been using your product and see some great re-shaping and my husband can even see the new perkiness. Thanks!
  • I was looking for something that would increase the size of my nipples, as I have always been self conscious about them. Your product is just fantastic. Not only did I achieve just bigger nipples but a whole new area of sensitivity and pleasure.
  • Oh my lord, this stuff is cray cray...I mean...this stuff is good. I'm wearing it right now, and oh my, I'd have to say that these things have definitely increased not only my length, but my self confidence. I mean now when I walk around in the women's locker room, I hold my head up with pride because my nips are so perky and gorgeous! Everyone is so jealous!- Veronica
  • Read about you guys in Allure, so I decided to check out your site. I bought some, and let me tell you.... MY NIPPLES CAN SHOOT BULLETS! Thanks.
  • My nipples are great looking but I wish they were more erect. I applied the gel without telling my boyfriend he said, "awe damn baby". It was amazing for me
  • I am a big time skeptic of pretty much everything I buy that isn't prescribed by a doctor. I went out on a limb and bought this. I honestly didn't expect much, BUT my husband begs to differ. I will buy this again and again! Happy husband happy home!
  • Your product is fantastic. I was kind of skeptical at first but not any more. Nipout is described exactly what is on your website. Instantly erect nipples. My pierced nipples got hard after only about 2 minutes after applying the gel and they stayed hard for almost 5 hours. I bought a 3 month supply and will definitely order more. Awesome product. With the results of the Nipout will be trying the InstanBust too.- Doug
  • First of all, this product is truly addictive, like you said. I want to wear the stuff ALL of the time. It's enhanced my nipple sensitivity, dramatically. If you are truly a nipple fanatic, like me, then you'll love this product. From now on, I never go anywhere without it. I never know whom I'm going to meet! Thank you for introducing me to another level of pleasure.- Robbie
  • Love Nipout! Can't get enough. Put it on every 5 hours, and the sex that follows is mind numbing! Renewed sex drive!! I'm definitely getting the best sex from my husband in 30 years! Signed, I'm no longer a desperate housewife.

    I have to say this stuff is great! I initially bought it so my girlfriend might try it. She has, or I should say HAD, very small nipples and I've always wished they were larger or would at least get erect when she was excited. When I received the Nipout she tried it once and loved how it made her feel! She loves the feeling of larger nipples. She also insisted that I leave it with her so she could wear it regularly!
    - Dita
  • My boyfriend bought me Nipout because he loves larger nipples. Well, the first couple of times I wore it for him it was great! Now I can't seem to get enough of it for me. I wear it all the time, especially when I'm in public, and I love how it makes me feel. And yes, they have increased the size and length of my nipples considerably, along with being more sensitive. We were talking about your product with a few close friends, and I showed them how it worked, lol right before there eyes they became erect under my shirt. Everyone should know what pleasures happen when you wear Nipout
  • My received the Nipout, yesterday. WOW the best money I ever spent on my chest. My boyfriend and I can't stop using and playing with each other's nipples. Thanks for making us so happy.- Owen
  • Received my Nipout today and had to try it on immediately. Much to my surprise, I found it to be as great as you've described the product on the web site. I've used many devices/creams on my nipples over the past ten years, but could never leave them on when I went out. With the Nipout, I can actually leave it on all day, and nobody has to know. Sinfully delightful I have to say, Thanks for such a simple yet wonderfully remarkable little product.
  • Why did I wait so long to order!!? Been using Nipout for 5 days and have never felt this kind of feeling before. I love it. Just the feeling of my t-shirt rubbing over my nipples after I remove them, is so arousing. Thanks for such a great product!! Don't think about it, order them, you'll be glad you did.
  • My boyfriend said he feels a huge difference, these products made a believer out of me. I will be getting more. A little goes a long way.- Tammy
  • I just received my order in the mail today. Fast shipping. I was so excited to try it although I was a little skeptical about it working. Fast forward a few weeks…This gel is amazing & I will be purchasing more when I run out. I can't wait until my man gets home from his business trip.